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Humboldt Research Hub - Centre for Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases (HRH-CERID) is one of Alexander von Humboldt's Research Hubs in Africa, funded by the Bayer Foundation. HRH-CERID is a home research hub aimed at strengthening African capabilities and systems for enabling a rapid and effective response to infectious diseases with epidemic or pandemic potential arising within the countries or those imported from overseas.

Humboldt Research Hub, Centre for Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases (HRH-CERID), LAUTECH, Oyo State, Nigeria

“Overcoming emerging and reemerging infectious diseases and their effects with genomic research.”

Our Mission:
The geographical spread of infectious diseases usually originates from developing countries. Once it takes hold locally, it can, depending on various factors, spread rapidly within the region, and the rest of the world is put at equal risk. Heightened awareness, active disease surveillance, early diagnosis, and rapid communication of health systems to implement intervention measures are crucial components for controlling the spread of a disease with epidemic/pandemic potential. At HRH-CERID we hope to make use of our well-equipped laboratory and well-trained personnel to contribute significantly to the control of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases in Africa and beyond

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